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 Year of the Studebaker video      
Now available in PAL format VHS or DVD, this 55 minute program is about the 24th annual National GPA Swim-in at Corowa held in 2003. Designated Year of the Studebaker, 21 US6 vehicles attended to attempt a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of privately owned Studebakers since WW2.
Colourful and entertaining, this documentary covers both the history of the type and the event, with stories from the owners, convoy trips through Corowa and Rutherglen, culminating in the record attempt at the Corowa airport.
A special feature is an interview with Alan Smith, author and veteran of the Stuart Highway linking Alice Springs and Darwin.
Priced at just A$35 for the VHS and A$40 for the DVD. These prices apply to the PAL version only. If there is enough interest I may produce a NTSC (North American) version. Please let me know.

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Pictures from the video