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Year of the Studebaker - the movie      
One of the most elegant of WW2 vehicles, the 2 1/2 ton US6 Studebaker series were primarily built for Russian Lend-Lease.
More than 700 found their way to Australia at the end of the war, and were progressively assembled from their CKD cases during the 1950s.
In 2003, 21 of the survivors gathered in Corowa to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of privately owned Studebakers since WW2.
This program tells the story of the Studebaker in Australian service, and through interviews with owners and restorers we see why these trucks have survived so well and have become so popular today.

This 54 minute program is now available on DVD and VHS and features footage shot at the 2003 Corowa event.

To order your copy, please phone Keith Webb on 03 96828211 during business hours, or click here to order the documentary online.

Here are some stills from the video

The long-lens view down the main street of Corowa with the head of the column. Austin Champ at the camp-ground.    
DUKW makes an impressive sight on the road. Andrew McIntosh at speed on the Rutherglen road. This vehicle started out as a C15A signals van and over a period of twenty years went through a series of transformations.    
View from the passenger side as a Studebaker passes vineyards on the way to have some fun by the river. Hugh Thompson makes his way out of the camping ground.    
Organiser John Hedges on his 42 WLA Harley. "Something about the look of it... always wanted one..." Greg Stevens.    
"You drive one of these and people notice it...: Rick Sheerman being interviewed about his magnificent US6. Rick also owns CMP gun tractors, including a CGT #9 and a brace of cab 12s. Among other things, Bob Moseley restores CMP instrument panels. Bob is a part of the Port Adelaide restorers.    
 Author Alan Smith.  Record attempt at Corowa Airport.    
 Enroute to the Corowa Airport for the World Record.  The Saturday morning trip through Rutherglen.    
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