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Year of the Studebaker      

The year 2003 was celebrated at the 24th annual Swim-In at Corowa as the Year of the Studebaker.

This was the third special vehicle event - in 1999 it was the Year of the GPA, in 2002 the Year of the Blitz and 2004 was the Year of the Dodge to allow the owners of Weapons Carriers and other WW2 Dodges to celebrate. 2005 has been declared the Year of the Carrier, for owners of Bren and Universal carriers to show off their vehicles.

This truck is owned by Ace High, a driver training facility located at Cape Schanck on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. The Corowa event sadly clashes with the Tyabb Airshow, so for want of a driver this one won't be making it.      
A very original Studebaker, this one owned by Bert Barker who will unfortunately be unable to make it to the event. See more pictures of Bert's trucks.      
Here are some images from the 2003 event.

The gathering at Corowa airport.

Checking details for the record attempt. All trucks had to complete a measured distance. Only one failed to do this with head gasket trouble.    
Maureen's Jeep ready to lead the column of Studebakers Holmes configured Studebaker    
The convoy passes through Rutherglen on the first leg of the parade which starts in Corowa, drives through Rutherglen, then stops for an hour on a straight stretch of road for photographs before returning to Corowa and doing a lap of the main street.      
Down at the river, Aaron is back at work trying to bog his C15A, which he achieved with mugh encouragement from onlookers. The Studebaker waits to pull him out.      
At play with a Stude - the truck makes easy work of an embankment like this. This is the result of a weed filled bog - although the Jeep managed it easily, the weeds tend to wrap themselves around the front driveshaft. This Jeep belongs to Ashley Wilson from Yass.    
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