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 Corowa Year of the Carrier Parade page 1    Still images from the DVD.  
Saturday morning holds the most anticipated events of the year for many - the parade and swap meet. My photography was somewhat hindered by the fact I had a video story to shoot as well which had to take priority!
Forming up for the parade. All the vehicles were numbered to help keep order.
John Hedges leads with his 42 WLA Harley.
Ian's LP1 underway. This next series was taken as we roared by in Brian Laurence's Discovery with hazards flashing. We had to take up our next filming position in time to catch the whole parade again. Although the tracks made scuff marks, by the next day these had disappeared.
It's a great thing to see our flag flying at an event such as this. The red CH plate denotes this Carrier is registered as a club vehicle in Victoria... ... and those with a H (Historic) suffix are New South Wales registered. All carriers had special permits valid for this parade only which were arranged by John Hedges.
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