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This was the 26th annual amphibious Corowa swim-in, an event which has become the largest gathering of it's kind in Australia.

This year, some 140 military vehicles, mostly of WW2 origin made the long journey from many parts of Australia.

The theme was "Year of the Carrier" and a Guinness World record attempt for the largest gathering of WW2 carriers since WW2 saw 17 Carriers drive the 3.2 km course from the caravan park to Corowa Airport.

Corowa's fine weather lived up to expectations, and the event was a great success.

Although the event runs for a week, most of the action happens between Friday and Sunday with the parade and swap meet on Saturday morning. A huge effort is made by many people to bring their vehicles, even some which are yet to go through the full restoration process, and in several campsites, feverish efforts were made to ensure the carriers were servicable.
Yours truly at the helm of the Hedges carrier for a run along the river. My main task at Corowa was the production of a 1 hour DVD which will be available around May 2005.
(pic by Brian Laurence).
Adjacent to the caravan park is the Murray River which separates the two states of Victoria and New South Wales, Corowa being on the New South Wales side. I was filming some other carriers when I noticed this one belonging to Keith Adams in some difficulty. The track was precariously close to coming off, so some help was whistled up.
The towing cable is being unwound from it's stowage but the result was a completely thrown track and a stalled motor in this carrier which was having some engine problems of it's own. The track is now well and truly off, so Keith Adams brought down a truck to lift the vehicle so the track could be re-attached.
Ian Styles surveys the scene prior to tow-starting the ailing vehicle. Track safely restored, Keith Adams remounts to carry on having fun.
Our sound recordist used two of his Senheiser 416 Mics to record a stereo track both to the camera and to a DAT. This was as close as Brian came to driving a Carrier.
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