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Charlie Hedges explains the unit markings on his son's F15A ..."and that was MY unit..." he says with feeling.
Aussie flags fly proudly from several CMPs. The C15 in the foreground still wore original WW2 canvas.
A last look at some of the CMPs - this one a C60X, with US6 Studebaker and DUKW behind. Chevrolet C60S with winch and Dodge Command Car.
Hugh's F30 leads the parade through Corowa, escorted by John Hedges on his Harley. Yours truly speeds up the Corowa hill.
Much as we hate to admit it, a 2 wheel drive Ford 01Y and Jeep both managed a ditch on the first attempt which had stopped one of the C15As. Bit hard on the old Ford though. Paul easily negotiates the difficult ditch in Euan's father's Jeep.
Euan's C15A hotly pursued by a Ford 01Y. Euan makes a wry comment after winching three bogged C15s. Note the comfy Recaro seats - grest for long trips. Euan has upholstered them in canvas.
All over, red rover - the CMPs depart after setting the record.
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