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We visit Canada to meet Geoff Winnington-Ball... ...and "Herr HUPmiester" Brian Gough who shows off his prototype HUP.
John Belfield of the Melbourne Tank Museum owns over 20 blitzes, several of which are displayed in the main museum building with the others in a large paddock out the back. John has an incredible collection including this cut down Guy Quad-Ant.
With the record attempt the next day, we decided to travel several hundred kilometers to recover a derelict C60L, which we winched onto the back of Max Hedges' tray truck.
Back at Corowa we enjoy a pleasant interlude with a swim in a DUKW. Mitch Holland displays a bottle of his now famous "Campfire Brew", made in case they broke down in transit along the way.... that's their story, anyway!
We chat with a number of blitz owners who have brought their restored trucks to Corowa. Vic Philips is a charming WW2 digger who served on these vehicles in the Northern Territory. Ian Styles is working on restoring one of each size Ford CMPs. This is his F15A.
At just 16, Aaron Lee is the youngest CMP owner with a C15A which features in many aequences in the video.
John Hedges and Jan Thompson were the main organisers of the event this year, John seen here about to help marshal the CMPs for the record. Jan Thompson has also worked tirelessly to make the event the success it was.
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