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Year of the Blitz Register

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The event was held in March 2002 in beautiful weather, with 34 CMPs attending. Many of the promised vehicles failed to turn up, but those who did had a fabulous time.

Year of the Blitz video

A video of the event has been made and will be available mid-May. Please contact Keith Webb


Running total Intending

Actual attendees







Vehicle details

Came from

Keith Webb 1944 F15A Eltham Attempted to carry F15A on rear of F60L, too heavy.
Euan McDonald C15A Eltham Yes,
Euan McDonald C60S tipper Benalla Attended, recovered Friday by Euan.
Mike Kelly 1940 C8 Neerim South Attended minus truck (tyre problems)
Len Schutt   C8AX Williamstown Attended.
Allan Growse   1944 CGT #9 Drouin No show
Matt Boyle   1944 F60L (ex Keith Webb) Eltham Attended, driven by Keith.
Tony Peters 11 Landale Drive Strathdale, 3550 C15 tray (ex Sigvan) and C60L Bendigo Unable to ready vehicle.
Hurstbridge (details to be confirmed)   C15A tray (ex Sigvan, ex Keith Webb) Hurstbridge Attended without vehicle.

Hugh Thompson

Point Lonsdale, Vic

1945 F30 Ambulance

Point Lonsdale Attended
Jo Fogarty Newcastle 1945 F30 Ambulance
SWB replica Wireless truck
Michael Fett P.O. Box 3710 Manuka ACT 1944 C15A Manuka, ACT
Max & John Hedges Yass

1942 F15A
C15 with Canadian body

Yass They were there in force.
Ashley Wilson Yass 1943 C15A Yass Attended.
Bandiana Army museum Bandiana, Vic 1944 C60L Machinery workshop, C15 Signals Van Bandiana did not attend
Fred Reeves Blaxland, NSW C60X Attended.
Phil (name to be confirmed)   F15A (actually a much modified F15) Melbourne Did not attend.
Vic Philips Vic 1941 Cab 12 Vic Attended.
Dennis Taylor Chifley, ACT C60L Canberra
Bruce Peelgrane ( NSW) C60S Tanker NSW Attended
Andrew Mcintosh Heatherton, Vic 3202 C60S crewcab (modified) Vic Attended
Harvey Black Narrabri West 2390 NSW 1944 Ford FAT hybrid NSW Attended
Corowa Fire Service Corowa NSW 1945 F60S tanker NSW Attended
Robert Farmer NSW 1942 C15A NSW
Mark Gruber NSW 1942 C15A NSW  
Ken Burne Yellowrock NSW C15A NSW
Eric Gruber NSW 1942 C15 NSW  
Dave Argles Wisemans Ferry NSW 1943 Ford FGT
1943 CGT #9
NSW Did not attend
Bay Kelly Hazeldene Pastoral NSW 1944 F60L
1942 F60L
NSW Attended
Peter Peterson Wakefield NSW 1942 C15 Attended
Barry Peterson Wakefield NSW 1942 F15 Attended
Rob & Paula Kenny Fairview Park South Australia F15A Fairview Park South Australia

Potential Attendees

Keith Adams Sydney 1943 FGT #9 Sydney Attended without vehicle.
Mike Cecil Gunning, ACT 1942 F15 but minus the truck! Canberra Attended without vehicle.
marc frigmoidalsquizl (Sydney) C60X Sydney  

Phil Hastings C60L  
Peter Growse   F15A Lilydale No show
Wodonga Garden Supplies   C60L dropside GS tray Wodonga No show