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World War 1 photographs

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Sept 23rd, 1917 Ypres
17 August 1917 Villers-Bretonneux Oct 4th 1918 Bony This armoured car has been hit by a shell.
Augusat 8th, 1918 Villers-Bretonneux. July 19th, 1919 British ammunition dump, Villers-Bretonneux .
Captured German gun, Harcourt August 8th 1918. Hellfire corner.
Remains of a German Gotha, Bickendorf Aerodrome, Cologne December 1918. Junkers 884/17 Bickendorf Aerodrome, Cologne December 1918.
These 5 shots come to us from the RSL archives. This one shows an Albatross which landed behind Allied lines. RE8 following a crash landing.    
Handley Page 0/400 being towed by a crawler tractor. FE2B fighter    
A lucky German shot hit the magazine of this tank, Villers-Bretonneux. Ronsoy Sept 29th 1918. Land mine damage.
Tank on the move in Palestine (?) Interesting vehicle. Note the stabilisation mounts under the vehicle.