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Wiltshire & Sons C60L

Related page: Alan Growse found and purchased this truck in the early 2000s much the worse for rust.
The year was 1972 and I was just one of those schoolboys milling around, but I did have my camera with me and took these pics. One of our teachers actually stood in front of the truck at one point as they were advancing on the peppercorn tree demanding they "immediately cease this arboreal slaughter" The same teacher ticked me off for climbing on the truck to photograph the data plates. Wnat a nerve! I did ask permission of the tree people...
This is a C60L with an additional chassis for strength. It still retains the spare wheel carrier and toolbox, although it's been modified and turned around.
XD 122 registration is early 1950s, probably sometime in 1952.
Correct location for brass Aussie winch plates.