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Chevrolet C60L Wodonga

Tucked away in a Wodonga garden supply yard is this Chevrolet C60L with it's original dropside tray. It had served as a fire service truck at some point and at the time the pictures were taken it was going to be restored by the current owner. Pics taken in August 2001.

Update 2006: This vehicle is now in the Army Museum, Bandiana.

Spare wheel carrier sits in the tray. The original canvas doors have been replaced with fabricated items approximating the originals. Windscreen frames had been remanufactured from brass.    
Late production - November 8th 1944. Late production Chevrolets had the oil filter mounted here; early production had it down in the chassis rail.    
Possibly genuine mileage? Who knows, but judging by the overall condition it looks about right.