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 Ford FGT No9 ARN 133172 Whittlesea    Pictures by Euan McDonald and author  
This is a vehicle in the final stage of it's life, about to be scrapped. It's had a hard life in a sawmill near Benalla but it has spent many years here in a yard in Whittlesea.
The chassis has been bent, cut and plated and the cab is very rusty. The rust is very evident here..
The original steps have been rescued by Euan.
Interestingly the ARN is very visible painted at least 3 times over it's military career which stretched from 1943 to around 1965. This is a sister truck to the one in a wartime image taken at Kairi in Queensland.
In early July 2004 we took Euan's CGT LP9 out for a visit and I took these mostly detail pictures. Many of the rifle brackets are still there including these ones which are perfectly set to enter the temple of the driver and mate at a sudden jolt.
The chassis is unfortunately well, buggered not to mention being covered with other stuff.
The instrument panel glass has gone and all is wrecked here, although the left-hand brass plate is OK. Sadly the data plates are all gone as is the engine cover. The drivers side of the front shell is unexpectedly rusty. They don't normally rot there.
Another feature peculiar to Australian gun tractors, the ammo box is still there. Fire extinguisher bracket just visible to the right. The correct winch handbrake is there too, along with the power take-off linkages to the transfer case which is unusual. (below),
This is one of the pigtails to keep the winch cable in position.
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