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Wartime pic of a White Scout car in Australian service submitted by Rob (surname unknown) who comments: "My father took the photo on the road (track) to Darwin in WW2. Much of this stuff went north in convoys on the main road" Rob has posted a slightly larger version of this pic on his website  ARN 135013, an AOP version.    
Another pair of excellent pics from Rob. Note the Australian "Gallows" AA mount.    
Sad training aids, Korumburra, 1970s.      
 Nice AOP restoration seen at the AWM open day, 2001.  Corowa, 2006.    
 AOP, Corowa 2006.  Rick Cove's White, Corowa 2005. More of Rick's collection here.    
 Ian Styles with ARN 135074 at Corowa 2006. Ian has a large collection of military vehicles.
More pictures from Year of the Armoured Car here.