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The Australian Army used these up until the mid-1970s when it was possible to buy them from disposals for a few hundred dollars in running order.
Freshly demobbed Scout Car seen in a Daylesford wreckers yard with Australian O.P. modifications. John Belfield's White Scout Car in the Melbourne Tank Museum shortly before the auction in 2006.
Many of these were used for recovery training as this rather smashed up AOP near Dandenong testifies. I took this pic back in 1974. Also in the early 70s is this pair in Korumburra, Vic.
Meredith, 1972. Small remains in the Hughes Trading scrap heap, also gone now.

Fresh from disposals, Bert Barker's deep bronze green example ARN 123123. 1973.

Remains of a Scout Car salvaged by Bert Barker in the 1970s.
These pictures remains were sent to me by a chap named Sandy in the late 1990s.
Bill Zukauskas sent me these images of his Scout car. He comments: "I've sent you a picture of my M3A1 Scout Car at a Pearl Harbor re-enactment held in New Orleans, La in 2001. I'm the heavy guy by the 50 cal. It took me 4 years to restore the Scout Car." "I'll try and get a scan of the before picture, when I found it in a scrap yard. Demilled to President Clinton's specs. Every piece of armor torch cut, every hinge torch cut, and the running gear (axles) torched off. It's an old Ex-Greek Army surplus vehicle, I understand that they had about 150 of them that they sold off. My left fender has been modified to carry a spare tire like an old Dusenburg. Looks neat, but not correct. I've attached a picture with a tire mounted."
Bill's Scout Car as found in a scrapyard in Ohio. The same vehicle after doing an amphibious landing at the Ft. Desoto D-Day re-enactment in 2002
Coomandook, South Australia.
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