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Canadian Military Pattern wheels and tyres      
CMP vehicles for the most part used used three wheel sizes:
13" - 8 CWT 4 X 2 vehicles
9.00 x 16" - 15 and 30 CWT vehicles, as well as C8A and C8AX; F8A.
10.50 x 20" - 60 CWT and Field Artillery Tractor vehicles.
In addition to this Australian tippers used dished 20" commercial type rims with dual 7.50 X 20 bar tread tyres on the rear.
C8 with 9.00 X 13 tyres C15 with 10.50 X 16 tyres A CGT Cab 11 with 10.50 X 20 tyres  
Not the best example, this F60S 2 1/2 yard tipper at Mungerannie in the South Australian Outback has been fitted with road tyres. Tyre size was typically 7.50 X 20.      


CMP rims were made by a variety of manufacturers, including General Motors Canada (which also stamped the year of manufacture), Kelsey,      
GM made rim. Thanks to Michael Newling via Max Hedges for these three pictures Kelsey rim US manufactured rim  

CMP Tyres

There were also many tyre manufacturers, both in Canada and the various countries they were sent to. It is still possible to find CMPs even now with original WW2 tyres although these are now in quite badl deteriorated condition.      
Worn 1942 dated Goodyear NCD tyre for 16" rim. This is a Canadian tyre. A good example of a 16" Dunlop Track Grip Chevron pattern directional tyre. These were manufactured into the 1960s for CMPs and 25 pounder guns.    
Goodyear NCD 10.50 20 tyre