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A future project for the Werribee team is this basket case Airspeed Oxford which was imported from New Zealand.
My uncle Keith Wathen trained on Oxfords in Rhodesia during the war. His story and a picture of him flying an Oxford here.
Crate containing parts of the cockpit canopy and turret. Pieces of cowling are also evident.    
More parts, this time the landing gear and oil tank amongst other things. Upside down firewall and landing gear.    
The Armstrong Siddley Cheetah engine department. The team also have a complete inhibited Cheetah engine. One of the more recognisable parts, an outer mainplane.    
In addition to the Oxford, the hangar contains thousands of parts from other aircraft. This is the propellor department, Hudson turret cupola.    
Constant rate box, part of the prop system? Direction indicator from a Catalina, A24-27. This aircraft suffered a crash landing near Townsville on July 20th, 1942 but was subsequently repaired. More details on Peter Dunn's crash database..    
AR8 tuning unit as used in Australian aircraft such as the Wirraway and Hudson. It was built by AWA. Website with more information can be found here.      
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