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The first CMPs I ever photographed

In 1971 I was in my final year of school, aged 16 when on a trip to Warburton in the hills near Melbourne I was enchanted to find an old sawmill with the remains of several CMP vehicles. I had not a clue what they were; all I knew was they were incredibly interesting and I knew one day I just had to have one.

I'm afraid this is rather an indulgent page, but it's art!

I was relatively new to photography and keen to develop and print my own photographs, these being some of my first efforts, so I reproduce them here, complete with processing blemishes. You can see why I was attracted to the subject matter! There were 4 trucks here, with only one still in running condition, which was a Cab 13 F60S. The collection comprised two F60L cab 12s and 2 F60S cab 13s, one of which was a post war assembled vehicle.
"Miss Carriage"