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Vehicle Mastership film review

Produced in England by MT video, this film is a compilation of English driver training films made between 1942 and 1944. Vehicles seen range from mostly Bedford (MW and QL) to a couple of CMPs, including a short appearance of a CGT cab 12 with limber and gun descending a hill and several extended segments featuring a beautiful cab 12 F8 "Car, heavy utility 4X2. Scenes even show the vehicle locking up the rear wheels in a skid! The characters featured are a "bad" example -driver "Twizzit" and somebody doing the same thing the correct way. The latter films are more technical and explain steering and other principles and don't feature any CMPs. An excellent period document. Pictures are used as illustrations for film review purposes only.
Duration is 56 minutes, black and white and I bought mine at the Technical Bookshop in Melbourne for $A19.95
1941 CGT negotiates a hill.
F8 negotiates it's way past Bedford MW Link to F8 page Sequence showing little brake lining wear after 5000 miles which was compared with the bad driver's brakes which were glazed and down to the rivets.
F8 locks up rear wheel in a poorly planned stopping sequence. Note the gas patch on the bonnet (hood). This is a different vehicle to the other F8 in the pictures. Rear of F8 shows missing spare tyre. Note white circle painted on what looks like a rear fuel tank.
There are several driving sequences shot from inside the cab of the F8. Have any of this British body type survived, I wonder?