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 Vickers Light and Medium Tanks      
March 2005, Army Tank Museum, Puckapunyal.
Among the interesting armour on display at Puckapunyal is this pair of rare Vickers machines.
The first is this Vickers Light Tank Mk VI. Looking a bit like a bren carrier due to the use of the Horstman suspension and the same tracks, this represents British thinking in the 20s and 30s. Here is an article with information on the deployment of these light tanks as well as machine gun carriers by Australian forces in the Middle East.
The tank was built in May 1937.
This is the Vickers Medium Tank designed in 1923. Australia ordered four of these in 1929, and they were based at Randwick in Sydney until 1940 when they were moved to Puckapunyal for training. 160 of these tanks were built.
The tank carried a crew of 5. Main armament was a QF 2 pounder. The tank was powered by an Armstrong Siddley V8, a development of the aero engine which would propelo it's 13.5 tons at 15 MPH on the road.