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I'll let Manuel tell his story:

"A little bit about me: born in England but brought up in Argentina, my father (Manuel Sr) nutter about mechanics and me, even more nuttier. Anyway; at a very young age my dad bought a Dodge Jeepon 3/4 ton a bit destroyed and we restored with help of a bodybeater, we left the front original but the rest (from the front door back) we made all new body of our own design. It looked like a giant jeep willys!!!! By that time I was 16 and I used to drive this beast in the Argentinean countryside, similar to the Australian one!!! Loads of adventures and tales with that machine to much to write!!!. Any way, because my dad had a job were he travelled a lot he always found some interesting things; and one day we bought a Ford Canada; the F-15 I think it was (now with your website I'm learning the names of all the models) in pristine condition; they had it in a petrol station and they used it once a month to take kerosene to the people who lived deep in the mountain. We had this vehicle stored for a couple of years meanwhile we were designing a body to build on top of the naked chassis, we wanted to make something similar to a Land Rover using the same type of construction as the front cabin. But the Dodge had to go to finance the Canadian, I was sad to see it go but soon I realized that the Canadian was much more of a beast, and a much better designed vehicle. We started by changing the engine to a 6 inline cylinder diesel a 5000cc Perkins, the original v8 was in pristine condition (we still have it if you need some spares) but petrol in Argentina was much more expensive than diesel. This new engine will give it a grunt that you wont believe with loads of torque and impressive speed, dangerous!!! While thinking on how to build a body we were wondering around in the car and oh surprise!!! we found another abandoned Ford Canada (the same one that the other Argentinean sent to you; I think the fat body you call it) but with a massive crash at the front and a bended chassis, apparently they used it to load big tree trunks and go down a hill, the driver (who was instructed never to disengage first gear in low) feelt he was going to slowly and tried to pass to second and that gear never engaged, speed and after that shunt!!!! against the side of the mountain, luckily the driver was ok!!! . So we found the owner and bought it for little money, the main difference of this new vehicle was it had the 20" rims, and it had the complete winch with pulleys and everything, we were delighted. So we modified the body and put in on top of the other chassis, changed the wheels and put 1100x20 tyres, this plus the new diesel engine plus me as the nuttier driver clocked the truck at 65mph!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! everything vibrated!!! But I was only 18,sorry... I've innumerable adventures with this vehicle; of which I send only a few pictures that I have. As all these things; life continues into different stages; I'm now 30, I live in London and my dad has a back problem so he cant use it, so it's in our back garden now; but it still works!!!! Going back at the end of this year for holidays and I will go and have a ride, like the old days!!!!"

Manuel Vazquez-Edward sent these interesting images of his late production FGT in Argentina. This fascinating vehicle looks like it gives it's owners just as much pleasure in Argentina as we have in other places around the world.
The FGT waiting for Manuel to return.
Isn't he enjoying himself! Nice axle articulation. Note the GB sticker.
Not a lot of room for error here.
A spot of winching.