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Studebaker US6

During the 1970s a large number of these trucks were auctioned through the disposals system in Australia. Many were low mileage. I can recall a friend buying one with under 1000 miles on it for $750! Today many are in collectors hands but many more have had a hard life. See US6 register
Straight out of the army - Bert Barker's, 1974. See pics of the same vehicle in 2002
Euan McDonald shot this pic showing two US6 a D60L and a 50s Commer.
1973, Fieglins Timber, Nunawading. These trucks were soon stripped of anything military, changed to right hand drive, given traytops and painted a pale blue.
Tipping body on a Stude seen in 1973 in Warburton. (above, right, below).These tippers were known as "teaspoon" tippers.
A 6X6 Ford? No - just the cab. The rest is US6. Cowes, 2001.
Reo- built example seen in Ringwood in 1971 fresh from disposals. Note the disposals sticker on windscreen noting the vehicle is unregistered.
Nice example in Deep Bronze Green seen at the Australian War memorial; Open day 2001. Howanr Bull's US6 at Cape Schanck, 2002. More pics of Cape Schanck
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