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DECEMBER 2004 Chadstone school show.
A page of atmospherics.
Some new images for the CGT No.9 recovery at Hughes Trading.
Jon Lockley of Moree has sent some pictures of his collection.
Ian Styles has a large collection in Temora, NSW.
A V8 Stuart bulldozer.
More updates on the Peters 5 ton crane page with some pictures I took in 1973!
A page each from Point Cook and Bankstown.
NOVEMBER 2004 Interesting speculation on the Peters 5 ton crane conversion from a CGT, and some updates to the Wodonga CGT page.
The Bendigo swap meet, 2004.
Some photos seen in St.Arnaud.
A F15a still at work as a forklift.
OCTOBER 2004 Some images from Vietnam, courtesy of Andrew Guest.
VMVC vehicles at the Aussie Disposals open day.
A page of modern part number equivalents for CMP parts from Geoff Calldwell.
Flying in a Harvard at Tyabb, filming a P51... what fun!
Many pages on the Jim Bennie Collection: Introduction
1941 Chevrolet C8.
Rover armoured car.
Jim's White Scout Cars.
Jeeps and Seeps, page 1 and page 2.
Dodge Weapons Carriers.
SEPTEMBER 2004 Two pages from an album belonging to Peter Craddock of Western Desert images - Vehicles and Aircraft
JULY 2004 Updates to the links

LP4 light armoured reconnaisance car production images from 1935/6

A rare International K5 engine test bed

The 1941 Cab 12 replica of the Back of Beyond F60L

Jeff Fullwood's amazing journey in a C60L

A 1945 F22 Ford

Kiwi Carriers
The Beijing Military Museum
A F60L Portee

An experimental Light Tank

Guy Quad Ant survivors in Australia
A page on the Australian Rover armoured car.

A Canadian Caravan
The Cowra Museum
A Fox street sweeper.

A No 6 Field Artillery Tractor body
Updates to and new carrier pages Page 1, Page 2,

Belfield's Melbourne Tank Museum collection

2 pounder tank attack carriers

John Belfield's LP4 armoured car.
Gun tractor drawings

A Ford Gun tractor and a Cab 12 at Whittlesea

JUNE 2004 Thanks to Cliff Hutchings, we see the last days of the late Ken Hughes collection, Page 1 and  Page 2

A traffic stopper in the suburbs of Melbourne
An auction in Vermont, USA
MAY 2004 The Temora Aviation Museum DVD is now available from the Museum. This page gives some insights to how it was put together.
APRIL 2004 The recovery of my FGT #9 from the Blue Mountains.
ANZAC Day 2004 in Melbourne.
Some updates to the CMP Database
A trip through the High Country
Tyabb Airshow 2004
MARCH 2004

Department of Civil Aviation images from the 1950s Page 1 and page 2

Boomerang pictures from Matt Denning's collection.
Imperial War Museum, Duxford Land Warfare Hall, Page 1, Page 2

More from the UK with a page on Lee-on-Solent

And another on Thorney Island