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2001 updates archive                          
December 2001 additions

Successful towing from Bandiana, finally! And a C15A comes home. Also a non-approved towing method.
Aussie barbecue CMP-style!
A search engine has been added (see above)
An unidentified tank, now identified, thanks to the MLU forum.
A Canadian F15 from a 1960s magazine.
A page of images from Egypt, 1917
"Bluey and Curley" WW2 comic strip book. Episode 5 now online.
Cab12 page with many new images
Updated aircraft page
Updated WW1 page with additional aircraft and vehicle images.
A new page from a WW2 album featuring images from Borneo including surrender images.
Bernie Dingle's Light Horse museum in Nar Nar Goon.
A Ford Lynx in South Gippsland.
Images of the Japanese surrender on Morotai, 9 September, 1945.
Also a page from the album and logbook of Robert Jenkins, a Wireless Operator who completed 36 operations over Germany.
Australian Mobile Lithographic Unit album - vehicle and aircraft pics, including nose art and the Morotai aircraft graveyard.
Vastly expanded database with many new entries and crosslinks to images
New pages on FGT #9s in Oodnadatta and a terrific historical image of a group on parade with Field Artillery including a large reference image.
CMP accessories page
A new page on CMP ambulances in Australia.

November 2001 additions

A new page on tippers
Reference pic of new C60L
A new page on CMP Canvas
A new page on Max Hedges' vehicles
of WW2 British training film featuring a rare F8
Prototype HUP owned by Brian Gough in detail
Infoex - Information from CMP Data plates updated and reformatted. I've also added a page of pictures of the different types of data plates.

October 2001 additions
New October 2001

Euan's latest attempt to move the other F60L
More new pages...
and updates to others..
C15 A very nice vehicle.
C60X Two new trucks
F15 Two new trucks
Infoex One new entry
Studebaker US6
A new GPA page
Updated GPW Page
The U.S. index has also been updated

Old Magazine ads "Trade ins accepted"
Factory photographs of the Chevrolet CGT cab 11 and 12
Year of the Blitz Corowa 2002
Register of vehicles attending
Two new pages of images from Euan McDonald's collection
Page 1 Page 2
Infoex - Information from CMP Data plates
showing tips and hints
Historic images from the 1940s
Miscellaneous - can you identify this vehicle?

September 2001 additions
New September 2001
Camp Borden F60L Mach-M1 MkII. A mint vehicle in Canada.      
August 2001 additions
New August 2001

Just relaunched are a couple of pages on Hughes Trading in the 1970s including the recovery of 4 CGT #9 bodies.

Several new Bandiana pages, see links below
A very good C60L in Wodonga

Also a new Hughes Trading page with images from the 1940s and 50s. Hughes also built a mystery racer
Beaufighter attack.S/Ldr Neil Smith served with 455 Squadron, RAAF in rocket equipped Beaufighters and shares his dramatic images.
Page 1
Page 2
Bandiana Army Transport Museum

Run by the Army Historical Unit the Bandiana Museum is a must for CMP enthusiasts.

Page 1

Page 2

An auction was held in July 2001
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Searching for the elusive CMP isn't always easy

Along with vehicles, vast numbers of military aircraft were produced. Here you'll find pictures from Australia, the Western Desert and New Guinea.

July 2001 additions
New July 2001
The CMP was a versatile design and served in a number of different roles, from personnel carriers to gun tractors. Specialist index.
A direct link to the Gun Tractor index
Finding and moving CMPs can be an adventure, Here's the story of one such movement.
Please feel free to share your experiences.
Carriers - an integral part of the Commonwealth tracked vehicle production.

Bendigo Swap Meet 2000

Keith Wathen - the story of an Australian airman killed flying a Hampden. Barrie Smith trained with Keith in Rhodesia and shares his photograph album with us.

Chevrolet manual MB-C1 original images

Manuals for sale

March 2001 additions

The F22 CMP tractor is a rare vehicle indeed. Based on the gun tractor it is winchless. Could it be in Australia as well?
8 and 15 cwt CMPs - Still relatively plentiful these short wheelbase CMPs are popular with restorers.
Links to CMP related sites


February 2001

60 CWT index. Here you'll find the Ford & Chev load carriers in 3 basic types; 134" 158" and 160" 6X6.
A pictorial coverage of many of the vehicles seen along Anzac Parade on the Australian War Memorial Open Day.
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3
January 2001

When the First AIF returned from the Western Desert they brough back many of their vehicles. Here are some survivors.
The Australian army also used many vehicles of U.S. manufacture. For example, Jeeps, Beeps, GMCs and Studebakers.
Over the years I have owned many examples of CMP trucks.
Armour mostly of US origin was used extensively by the Australian Army during and beyond WW2.

A series of pages with photographs contributed by people such as

Euan McDonald

Brian and Myra from New Zealand

Max Hedges from Yass