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 CMP Tyre types      
A great variety of different tyre types were used on CMP vehicles, ranging in sizes from 9.00X13 seen on C8 and F8 to 9.50 and 10.50 X 16, to 10.50 X 20 on the 3 ton varieties. 10.50 X 18 were used on some armoured cars and trailers.
This Ford F30 ambulance is located at the Army Transport Museum at Bandiana and is fitted with a set of Canadian made Gutta Percha tyres.
NOS Silverstone 10.50 X 20 and Olympic brand at Colin Anderson's auction in 2003.
A similar tyre seen on a Guy Quad-Ant FAT. Chevron pattern 10.50 X 20
Brand new 9.00 X 16 on a C15A Here's another really nice one on a C15A at Yass.
Canadian Goodyear 10.50 X 20 Yass.
1944 dated tyre from Tommy Eriksen's C15A in Norway.