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 Tyabb filming October 2004  On to see the frame grabs from the video.    
An opportunity to shoot some air-to-air footage of the Mustang from a T6 Harvard presented itself, so Brian Laurence (sound) and I drove to Tyabb to be part of the action, courtesy of Rob Fox, Judy Pay, Dick Hourigan, Steve Death and Scott Tabener.
Judy Pay, half-owner of the Mustang with Dick Hourigan. Judy's company, the Old Aeroplane Conpany restored this aircraft, which is in 3 Squadron RAAF WW2 colours. The Mustang was performing a series of 4 joy flights which gave plenty of opportunity to get both ground and aerial shots.
Steve Death (pronounced Deeth) is a very capable and experienced warbird pilot who regularly flies the Temora Aviation Museum's Spitfire and is himself the owner of a T28 Trojan. His passenger is wearing a small camera on his headset. Our photographic aeroplane, a T6 Harvard also owned by Judy.
Scotty, the pilot of the Harvard.
There's that grin... A self-portrait over Hastings. This is very similar to the shot I took earlier in the year in England flying over Thorney Island with Phil Shaw.

The Harvard is a wonderful aircraft to fly in but the Betacam SP camera I was carrying was just too long to hold across the fuselage to shoot the Mustang.
To shoot I slide the canopy forward - it's far better to shoot without the perspex in the way. It was a challenge as the slipstream was wanting to pluck the big camera (seen on the tripod in the next shot) out of my grasp. The rubber cup for the viewfinder was blown flat and the whole arrangement was quite a challenge.

Rob Fox took this one as I prepared to shoot the P51 taking off toward us.

We're positioned at the end of the runway. I asked Steve (remember, he usually flies a cropduster) to keep the Mustang low as he passed over the top of us. The resulting video is awesome...

Later back at the hangar I took these shots of some of the other aircraft, this one a Tiger Moth. The cowling on the right is a Winjeel, one of two there. Judy also owns this unique Merlin engined P40 which is well on the way to flight.
A beautiful job has been done on the Merlin. Detail of the undercarriage which swivels through 90 degrees, retracting backwards to fit snugly into the wing.
Another very interesting project is this Fieseler Fi 156D Storch, a genuine German production machine imported from the USA. The engine is an aircooled Argus inverted V8.
Stills and video