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 Tyabb 2004 Mustang Roundup    A filming visit in October 2004.  
The March 2004 Tyabb airshow saw a unique gathering of all seven airworthy Mustangs in Australia. Whilst I was filming most of the time I did manage to get some still images as well.
I went aloft with Jenny Wickham in her R22 helicopter to get this view of the apron where 6 of the 7 Mustangs can be seen. As we flew over to the carpark, Anthony Sorenson was doing his routine in the Wirraway.
Late in the afternoon before the airshow, the crews were busy slaking their thirst, completely oblivious to the beautiful light and photographic opportunities this presented. Ahh well, their loss, our gain I suppose.
There's a story of a couple of spotters criticising the colour scheme of a particular Mustang, not realising the owner was standing next to them. "And what colour is yours painted" he said then walked over and started up. This is Judy Pay and Dick Hourigan's Mustang painted to represent an aircraft of 3 Squadron RAAF in the latter stages of the war.
The Temora Aviation Museum's mobile shop was doing great business..