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 CMPs in Tumut      
Ian Patrick sent me these pictures from the Tumut area in October 2005.
This C60L with dropside steel GS body is being restored by his father. Ian describes the vehicles: My dad's (Noel) C60L presently under restoration at Wondalga (near Tumut). The tray sides have been removed for painting when the photo was taken. The Jeep (1942 Ford) belongs to Dave Knox of Tumut. Dave also owns a pair of Reo US6 2 1/2 ton trucks.
A F15A in a local farmyard.
How long has this wheel been here? Remains of Chev steering column and wheel.
This battered C60S once was a "Field Artillery Tractor No6 (Aust), chassis 2844200698M. It was built September 13th, 1943 in Melbourne.
See this reference image for a new vehicle picture.
And built on the same day, another No6 located in a Greta West scrapyard.
Dave Knox (who owns the Jeep above) also has this pair of US6 Reo trucks which are both mobile. The truck on the right of frame is R216769, as the interior pictures below show. The flat tray truck hwe been converted to right hand drive. It's chassis R211263 built November 16th 1944.