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Body snatching?      
Could this be the invasion of the body snatchers? Fortunately not - but this is being done for a worthwhile purpose which will be revealed in due course.      
Last Saturday (14/12/02) we took the tray (box) off the F15A and swapped it for the tray on Euan's C15A.      
Next step is to increase the wheel clearance with thicker timber and remove the engine for a gearbox swap and to fix an annoying rear main bearing leak in the engine. Hasn't it improved the look of Euan's truck! Euan has another similar body which he's almost finished restoring. These bodies were all manufactured by GMH and in several versions were the standard trpe for 15 CWT CMPs in Australian service.    
Candid shot taken by Euan as I work to remove the jackshaft and undo the four bolts holding the gearbox mount to the chassis. Aaaahhhh the grease, filth and bits of crud dropping in the eyes...
On to the gearbox swap.
Trade plate flapping, I proceed down the Burke Road hill on the way home. (These pics are from Euan McDonald). Redckon I must've almost reached the legal speed limit (60km/h)!    
Through Balwyn towards Bulleen Nice shot driving through Bulleen.
And the end result of all this work? A truck which doesn't jump out of gear anymore, and a mostly leak free sump.