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Ford F15 6 seater staff utility. See factory pictures of this vehicle. Pioneer tools are missing.      
Ford F60L. Note the road pattern tyres. Ford F60S tipper. The Ford badge has already been souveniered.    
Chevrolet C60L. Note the Aussie late production canvas door. C142165 Chevrolet C60L fitted with Australian winch kit. C142052.
Mechanic is lubricating the steering drag link.
Interesting lubricaion trailer. A Jeep gets the treatment. Ford F30 ambulance in the background. Chevrolet C60S with semi-trailer, 7 ton GS (Aust). No.3 Built by McGrath. Aust Army registration C73923. See Page 252 of Vanderveen's original Fighting Vehicles Directory for a pic of one of these trailers behind a Ford 118T    
Another interesting shot - the Jeep wears a recruiting poster and the first CMP is a C60S with a semi-trailer. Recruiting Jeep obviously not intended to go off-road with those tyres.    
Jeep servicing. Note F60L in background. More Jeep work, this time attention to the distributor cap.    
Chevrolet staff car C56246.      
GMC DUKW-353. C144342