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Bringing it home

Ahh the joy of transporting your CMP treasure. The following pics were taken in July 2001 When Euan kindly offered to help move and store my cab 12 and F15A chassis. If you have a moving story to share, please email me.    
All set to travel. It took us 2 hours to move these pieces from the back of the F60L to the trailer (and centre the cab on the chassis) using a mix of trolley jacks, hand winches, crowbars and even tiedown straps. The task was to move it from Eltham to Euan's property the other side of the Grampians, some 300 kilometers away. The tow vehicle is a GMC from Euan's work... already loaded with a ton and a half of bluestone (basalt) blocks. The trailer is most advanced with independent suspension.    
The first couple of hundred kilometers went well until just past Stawell as we were singing along at the speed limit (naturally) when a bump drew our attention to the trailer which was trailing smoke and minus a wheel, which I could see approaching us on the inside lane, bouncing happily along the Armco railing on the side of the road.Our concern was it might alter course and hit an oncoming car on the other side of the road... I wasn't about to open the door either until I saw it head off into the bushes. We recovered the wheel, slid the load over as far as it would go and limped the remaining distance at a much reduced speed. The remaining wheel sat at a very stressed angle but held on.

Close examination revealed the melted end of the stub axle where the bearing had seized and become so hot the axle nut had melted off and welded itself into the hub.

It was certainly beer o'clock when we arrived! On the return journey we recovered the missing mudflap.

Removal is reverse of loading, right? In the absence of a crane (temporarily out of commission) we ran a strap to a handy redgum, pulled the truck partly off, blocked the rear, pulled some more (using a trolley jack in the trailer) until finally we had the front supported by the high lift jack. We were about to commence lowering to a safer level when the whole lot swayed then crashed to the ground, fortunately without injury to us or damage to the relics.