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This is one of 11 pre-production test versions of this interesting vehicle built, and it is one of two known survivors. It is on display at the Army Tank Museum at Puckapunyal in Victoria.
It is built using a steel frame and 16 guage mild steel sheet metal. The suspension and track use Carrier components, but the steering differs in that the front idlers are used to warp the track, along with track braking. The vehicle in the background is the Rover light armoured car, based on a CMP chassis. This vehicle is preserved rather than restored. The driver was positioned on the left, alongside the engine compartment which originally housed a Ford 239 ci sidevalve V8 with a 4 speed crash gearbox.
One of the problems with the design was the cooling air was vented into the cargo compartment, which was considered to be undesirable in tropical climates when carrying explosives. Curiously a Chev rather than Ford rear axle assembly was used, and was the same as fitted to C15A vehicles with a 6.5:1 ratio. A standard pintle hook was fitted and the vehicle was trialled as a gun tractor, easily outperforming others in muddy conditions. although the brakes were useless when wet.