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Towing home

The latter part of 2001 was a busy towing time for Euan with the recovery ot two F60Ls from Bandiana and now his C15A from his farm northwest of the Grampians.
Beginning of the journey. The truck hasn't run for several years and is cranked out of it's place in the shed, covered in birdshit.
Early in the tow with the Grampians in the background. Looks a little like the praries?
Almost home and Euan snaps this shot on top of Melbourne's Westgate bridge with the obedient Chevy following.
Behind the workshop in Hawthorn daughter Alana looks for the starter button. Little does she suspect it's a lever on the floor.
Of course towing is nothing new to Euan... at age 15, this was his ingenious solution to a long distance tow when his C15A was missing the front axle...