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Mostly based on the F60S chassis (but also C60S) these trucks are unusual in having dish type wheels with 7.50-20 tyres. The front wheels have spacers to clear the brake drums. They were used extensively in the Pacific campaign building roads and runways from crushed coral.      
This truck was located at Mungerannie Station on the Birdsville Track.
ARN appears to be 62723
Rear detail showing the red/white switch
Cranbourne, 1974 This time a Chevrolet tipper which is less common. Another Chev version, from Rick Cove's collection.
Pair of ex tippers owned by Hugh Thompson in the 1970s
The first tipper I saw and the first Ford I ever rode in was this F60S owned at the time by Maurie Cowley. Maurie was a tree feller but was later killed in a treecutting accident.    
This sequence was taken around 1973 showing the tipper in action. This piece of land is now a freeway.    
Son Warwick Cowley is driving. This truck was a common sight around the box Hill area in the early 70s.    
Typical Australian brass nomenclature plate. The tipping hoists were all made by General Motors - Holdens.
Photographed in Heathcote in July 2003 by Euan McDonald, this tipper is very low mileage and original although it has been in the weather for many years which is taking it's toll. When Euan photographed it about 10 years earlier the rear canvas curtain and seats were intact. It is owned by a scrap dealer.
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