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 Trucking Hall of Fame, Alice Springs, Northern Territory      
Euan McDonald took these pictures of trucks in the yard behind the Trucking Hall of Fame in Central Australia. Most of these have been brought in from outback stations and some have been heavily modified to suit the conditions.
In the outback, every bit of shade is important! This is a re-engined Ford F60L. Firewood and CMPs are the load here. This Chev (left) in turn carries another more intact Chev cab.
Farm truck conversion of a F60L. Serious rust is virtually non-existant in this arid country.
Another re-engined Ford F60L, this time a late production version. Those home-made doors must have been almost impossibly small and awkward to use.
Another F60L, a 1945 model. The bulge in the bonnet is typical of the very last vehicles produced.
At least this one still has the original motor. A CCKW
The logbook holder is an Australian Army addition, introduced in 1944. Fire extinguisher bracket.
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