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Temora Aviation Museum's Mk VIII Gloster Meteor

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   The aircraft is painted to represent a 77 Squadron RAAF aeroplane flown by Sgt. George Hale who is credited with one confirmed MiG 15 kill and a probable, both on the same mission. I interviewed George for the Temora Aviation Museum's DVD in 2003.    
Wide angle pic looking into the Derwent - pic by Brian Laurence. Engineer Lindsay Jordan getting personal with a Derwent.    
Lindsay in a more comfortable position. We filmed the Meteor air to air on this rainy day - the rain wasn't a problem for us - we just flew over to a hole in the clouds. Rain can be a problem though for aircraft flying at the sort of speeds we travelled at because it damages the paintwork.

We were airborne for about 40 minutes using some 1300 litres of fuel.

  The source of the "Blue Note", a wonderful organ-like sound created by airflow across these cannon shell ejector ports.    
Atmospheric shot of the Meteor back in the hangar.