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Gloster Meteor

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Located about an hour from Wagga and some 6 hours from Melbourne and Sydney by road is the amazing Temora Aviation Museum.
The collection of airworthy warbirds is nothing short of spectacular and the museum holds monthly flying weekends which are well attended by warbirds from other states.
Also see the Old Aeroplane Company in Tyabb    
The museum's airworthy Mk VIII Spitfire with a T-28 Trojan being towed into the hangar.      
The museum's Jeep doing tug duty attached to a T28D Trojan owned by Steve Death.      
The spit being rolled out on a crisp morning.      
Another sunset shot on July 5th, 2003 Fin of the Wirraway.    
Spitfire instrument panel. The Spitfire being put to bed.    
The HARS C47 flies in for a visit. Grey Nurse artwork on the Spitfire.    
Gorgeous D type Jag      


Look, mum, I kept my lunch in! - Yes, that's that's me in the front aircraft!

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