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Japanese surrender, Morotai, September 9th, 1945

These images come to us courtesy of the RSL Victorian Branch and come from an album of photographs donated by the family of Lieut Hibert W Daff VX85217
of the 1 Aust Mobile Lithographic Section of the Australian Survey Corps. The captions used come from the original album and reflect the language
and feelings of the era.
RSL archives.
The surrender ceremony. Gen. Blamey reading terms to the Jap party.
Jap surrender party escorted by Brig Secombe Jap surrender party salutres Gen Blamey. This probably hurt 'em a lot!
The National Anthem. Official guests.
Lt. Gen Teshima hands his sword to Gen Blamey. Lt. Gen Teshima, commander 2nd Jap army about to receive the surrender document from Gen. Berriman. The downcast looking gent on the right was the Jap's interpreter.
Gen Blamey signs. Nakajima Ki-49 Army type 100 Heavy Bomber codename "Helen" which brought the Japanese surrender party to the signing ceremony, Morotai, 1945. The crew await events.
More pics of this aircraft can be seen on the Australian War Memorial site.
Gen. Blamey reads his fire eating speech to the Japs.
Gen. Blamey signs... Maj. Cheeong, "tabletops" with minature camera, left. Gen. Blamey reading the terms of surrender.
Lt. Gen. Teshima still signing! Capt Oyama, senior Naval Officer signs. What a repulsive looking brute!

"E" Chief of staff - Maj-Gen. Motochiko Yoshida
"D" Officer of Intendance Corps - Lt-Col. Suekichi Sakurada
"C" Officer of Communications Dept. - Lt-Col. Nabuo Kitamari
"B" Naval Officer (Macassar) - Capt. Toru Oyama
"A" Naval Officer (Ambon) - Capt. Minoru Toyama
Interpreter - Lt. Col. Kadsuya Tsuda.

The Provost-Marshall, who was in charge of the Jap party, managed to talk them into autographing this souvenir of their surrender!