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Panton Hills Guy.
The finished project.
Ian Styles is a well known military vehicle collector and restorer based in the New South Wales Riverina town of Temora. Although Ian's passion is for Ford vehicles, he has been waiting 10 years to buy the substantial remains of this Guy, which he picked up in early 2005.
Of the five known Guy Quad Ant tractors in Australia, this is easily the most complete and restorable, which is just what Ian is doing.

Wasting no time, by August 2005 Ian has restored the chassis and is waiting for the warmer weather to sandblast and finish the body. The most incredible feature of this find is the body which although cut in two is in amazing condition.
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Even the trafficator is there. The achilles heel of the Guy, a 4 speed unit with a reversed shift pattern which was a trap for the unwary.
The Meadows 58 BHP 4 cylinder engine had to work hard to haul the tractor with gun, limber and load. Ian is looking for a spare Lucas combination ignition switch and a pattern for the oval grille badge. Whilst the engine runs well, Ian comments the white metal big end bearings would need to be rebuilt for extended use on the road.
The finished project.