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 A low mileage F60L in Temora, ARN 120966    Related pages: Ian's carriers, other CMPs, Guy Quad-Ant.  
Well known collector Ian Styles has just (March 2006) collected another Ford vehicle, this time a Ford F60L with less than 2,000 miles.
After military service this truck was fitted with a water tank, given a light coat of red paint and it joined a Rural Fire Service brigade in country New South Wales. Ian has already started to disassemble it and plans to rebuild it during 2006. He has already stored parts such as the brush guard, grille, and radiator. It also has it's bridge classification plate and tac sign holder. When Ian first saw it 30 years ago the red paint was in good condition, but years of weather have removed almost all of it. The ARN has been stencilled on an angle, along with this hand painted date, 25 March, 1947, possibly the date of disposal.
Data plate reveals the truck was a T store body, which is still sufficiently intact for Ian to use as a pattern. He has already ordered the new hardwood for the restoration. Even the line of the mudguard is perfect. The two left-habd tyres look to be original WW2 issue. In the foreground is the exhaust system which, although having had a replacement muffler is still sound.
Not only did it have it's original engine, but the number was also stamped into the chassis and gearbox. Here the chassis number is seen on top of the right chassis rail adjacent to the engine mount. Ian has stored the engine which has unfortunately had water in it. He plans to fit another engine.
"T" Stores body. The spare wheel carrier was missing. Ian has a spare incomplete frame and is looking for the loading rail and toolbox.
Of composite construction there isn't a lot of steel used. Ian will also need to fabricate a tailgate. The chassis is the extended version. This is the tail lamp bracket.
Although the data plate states the truck was built in 1944, the standard 1942 stencil was used under the bonnet. All telltales on the vehicle point to the mileage being genuine - lack of wear on brake and clutch pedals, driver's step, door hinges are all things which usually show wear.
Also remarkable is the lack of rust in the roof hatch, which nearly always have rust due to condensation buildup.
What is surprising is the amountt of rust in the rear of the roof panel. Other than this the cab is in remarkable shape. Even the instruction plates are better than usual. In it's life as a fire truck it would have been kept under cover which would have helped.