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In Temora, New South Wales, collector Ian Styles owns (and restored) this rare Cletrac. These are powered by a Hercules 6 cylinder engine, as were a lot of US vehicles such as the White Scout Car and Studebaker US6 to name a couple. The only problem according to Ian is the unavailability of new tracks, the two on this vehicle having come from another two Cletracs he bought just for the tracks.
Ian carefully driving his machine.
He took the vehicle for a run, but first had to sort a fuel problem - pieces of rust had begun blocking the fuel line, a hazard of old vehicles used only occasionally. Goodrich marking on the inside of the track. This is similar in construction to the half track, with a number of steel threads encased in rubber. With age the rubber cracks allowing moisture to corrode the steel. If anyone can assist with fresh tracks, please contact me.
The Cletrac is a nicely proportioned machine, and fun to drive according to Ian. It has tiller steering which also operates as brakes, working through internal brake bands immersed in oil. The machine sounds wonderful, with that throaty roar associated with the Hercules engine.
Used primarily for airfield duties, it is fitted with a drawbar for towing aircraft as well as a front mounted winch and rear mounted compressor.