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From the photo album come these fascinating setpiece photographs showing allocations of men and materiel    
Rifle Company HQ Rifle Platoon HQ    
Rifle Section Mortar Platoon    
3" Mortar Section MG Platoon    
MG Section      

6 Pounder Anti Tank with an Oxford Mk. 1 carrier. This picture has generated a certain amount of interest and two separate pages have been allocated to deal with it in more detail. First, a larger picture of this and second a detailed description of this vehicle and it's history as far as it is known in the Australian Army.

Major Paul Handel, RAAC Memorial and Army Tank Museum comments:

"The photo was almost certainly taken at Puckapunyal, probably around 1949 to 1951. The School of tactics was based at Seymour around that time, and those photos look as though they were a series giving a visual image of the standard infantry organizations at the time"

Anti Tank Platoon