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Specialist CMP vehicles

Although most CMPs were either 15cwt or 3-ton load carriers, there were a number of different specialist vehicles.
The most common survivors in Australia are the Field Artillery Tractors, followed by Signals vans. Many of these were retained by the Australian Army into the 1960s. This section contains a series of pages on both new and in service vehicles, as well as profiles of surviving and restored vehicles.

Gun Tractors

Cab 12 7a2 Field Artillery Tractors

Both Ford and Chevrolet examples

Australian pattern, #8

New and in service examples

Ringwood Timber and Trading Co. 1972

Temporarily unavailable

Temporarily unavailable

Australian Pattern, #9

Temporarily unavailable

Temporarily unavailable

Temporarily unavailable

Ringwood Timber & Trading Co 1972

Melbourne 1996

New South Wales South Coast

Oodnadatta, South Australia

Alan Growse Chevrolet CGT cab 12

Wayne Henderson, Perth, Western Australia

Field Ambulances

Field Ambulances


Temporarily unavailable

Signals vans


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