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New Zealand Assembled F60S page 2

I visited Max again in August 2002 and took these detail pictures. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a serial on the chassis.
The truck has had a roll-over at some stage. Steering box has been replaced with a light duty version. The left-hand windscreen frame is an Aussie Chev version fitted back to front.
What do people make of this? The right-hand side is the normal Ford Cab 13 pattern... ...but the left is quite different. Possibly a repair - the top sections have been welded rather than the usual spot welding for the top panel. This is most likely a field repair.
The chassis was originally a winch version.
Inside the cab most things are standard Canadian build cab 13... Canadian floor with non-original bird's nest
Standard gearshift plates.... Bracket for side curtain bag just behind the drivers seat.
But the side of the engine cover has an unusual data plate on the left... I've never seen this one on a Ford engine cover. It is secured with original rivets.
Now for that hatch. On close inspection it certainly looks like it left the Ford factory that way. The metal has been carefully folded and all the paint matches.
Although fairly rudimentary the handle has been properly constructed.
Inside... ...and outside views of the front right corner.    
After seeing some pictures sent by Tony Smith of Lithgow in New South Wales it transpires this truck is a New Zealand assembled version with their version of the roof hatch. A mystery no more... although perhaps the mystery is how it ended up here.