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Signals Van survivors

See also factory pics of the Sigvan    
The Sigvan is the most common integral bodied CMP to survive today. This is partly to do with the fact that as specialist vehicles they were retained until the 1960s with the last passing through the government disposal auctions in the late 1960s.      
This is the first CMP I ever saw moving and indeed the first one I rode in. It was at the time (1972) owned by John Shaw who had bought it from disposals and modified it as a camper. It was for sale. Little was I to know I would have it to drive for over a year in 1974. Tony Wheeler is seen at right.
John Shaw is seen here backing it out of his driveway in Blackburn.
Buzz Robertson at the wheel of his father's C15A Sigvan near Warburton, 1975.
Located at Arthur's Seat, this cut doen C15 version served for many years at Toora, Vic. (see 1973 pic below). (Upper pics Euan McDonald)
This is a low mileage ex NSW bush fire service example owned at the time by Bruce Peelgrane. This truck was sold and Restored by a later owner.
C15 example at Newport, Vic in the mid 1970s. It had been converted as a briquette loader.
Battered example seen at Point Cook, 1974 Pair seen at Hughes Trading used as storage for inner tubes. They were scrapped around 2001.
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