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Signals vans part 1 and part 2

Chevrolet C15 (or C15A) wireless van C65923      
Laying cable, so to speak.      

Ford F60L with a demountable body towing a trailer mounted generator. Thanks to phil Waterman I can tell you this is an S56 Shelter Box intended for use as a slide in radio or communications van in a US deuce and a half truck. The picture was taken in Victoria in the early 1950s whilst serving in the Australian Army.

Here is Phil's version, mounted on a C60L

Interior of S56 Shelter Box on left.    

Signallers at work. The following description comes from Mike Kelly:

"The radio set the two signallers are using is a 22/122 set made by Radio Corps. in Melbourne 1945 . They are reasonably common and were used into the early 60's by CMF ( army reserve). I have 4 of them here . They are based on the British 22 set of WW2 but are far better , ie. more power output and a far better reciever . They are actually a very useable set in their original form on the ham bands."

Telephone exchange.    
Radar trailer.

Beam wireless equipment. Mike Kelly tells us more:

"The trailer with the 2 dishes on top is a famous NO. 10 set . Late WW2 these were used by high ranking commanders in Normandy ie Monty , to get messages back to UK . They had a chain of them sited in a line , it was all line of site stuff . They were multi-channel which means you could have a few different channels going at the same time , very sophisticated for WW2. The PMG here in Australia had a few in the early 1950's doing microwave link experiments."