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Scrapped at Romsey      
In March 2003 these trucks were offered at a clearing sale held near Romsey in Victoria. With no other reasonable bids, the scrapper got the lot. One wonders how often this scenario has happened in Australia and other countries in the past 50 years, and what treasures have been recycled into Mazdas and Hondas... Scrap at the time of writing is $125 per ton and going up.
Thanks to Euan's father-in-law Iain for these pics.
Bare bones F60S had the least to offer in terms of parts. $80 Late production F60S was possibly a tipper originally. $260    
Possibly the pick of the bunch in a parts sense, this F60S still has most of the spare wheel carrier as well as a tidy cab. Fortunately Iain managed to rescue the doors and original side curtains which we see below in more detail. $120      
These are original WW2 pattern but have been rebuilt to incorporate full perspex windows rather than the original canvas surrounded small perspex panels. These were made for canvas doors - the locating pegs are straight unlike those for standard doors which are cranked to ensure the curtain fits flush with the outside edge of the door.      
See also the page by Mike Kelly on how to make these side curtains.