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South African Air Force Museum.
All photographs courtesy of of Greg Robson-Garth
This Bf109e crashed on a farm at Udimore, Sussex, England after running out of fuel. It was flown by Unteroffizier Hans Wolf of Staffel 2, Jg 26 on November 28th 1940.
It came to South Africa for a travelling exhibition of enemy equipment and was later presented to the museum.
Foke wulf Fw190 A6 c/n 550214
PN+LU of III./NJG11 or 8./JG 11
According to a German website this aircraft was an experimental version.
Me 262B-1a/U1 Red 8. This aircraft was operated by 10/NJG11 and was urrendered at Schleswig and ferried to Gilze-Rijen on 18 May, 1945. It arrived in South Africa in March 1947 and was restored for display in 1971.
There is some good information on this aircraft at Club Hyper.
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