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South African Air Force Museum.
These pictures were all taken by Greg Robson-Garth who spent some time in October 2005 working in South Africa.
This is a late production C15A with a modification or two. At least it has survived.
Redesigned doghouse.
Not too sure about the museum's practice of drilling holes and putting pop rivets in to the exhibit!
Marmon-Herrington scout cars This is a South African Armoured Reconnaissance Car Mk VI, or Marmon Herrington Mk VI. It drove on all 8 wheels by two 95hp Ford Mercury V8 engines via two sets of MH drives. This is the second model with main armament of a 6 pdr gun, coaxial Besa mg and a 0.5 Browning on the turret top for AA defence.(Thanks to Richard Farrant for the information).
Excelsior Wellbike. The sign below is amusing. As if. Indiginous VW transporter based mineproof vehicle.
Stuart Sherman
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