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Rudi Vandenbroek's second F60S


Thanks to Rudy for provising us with these images.

A rough vehicle but one with lots of useful parts, including an original winch and fairleads. This has features of a Canadian sourced (or a mix of both) rather than Australian truck. The fairleads are Canadian, not Australian pattern. Pity the floor is missing - that would give the clue as the Australian Fords used a diamond pattern. Thr truck is missing the front axle as well as many other bits. Door fillet is an Aussie addition.

Remains of original dropside tray are still there.

Vents typical of late production trucks. Original winch handbrake.
The roof is the most puzzling thing about the truck. It has a Canadian pattern hatch (same as Australian produced Chevrolets) but has a most unusual rear frame - can it be from a Canadian artillery tractor?