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Ringwood Timber and Trading Company, 1970s

In the late 1970s this company closed down and the land in the heart of Ringwood was used for shopping centres and carparks. They used to have a wondedrful fleet of CMPs which were a common sight around Ringwood and surrounding districts delivering timber and sawdust. The remainder of the fleet was sold for around $300. There were at that time about 9 or 10 trucks.
In their heyday the timberyard had a well equipped workshop and the CMP fleet included such beauties as converted #8 and #9 gun tractors and even the remains of a workshop body from either a C60X or Marmon Herington.
A typical Ringwood Timber delivery truck, this one a F60L. The registration dates from around 1961.
A pair of F60S tippers used for sawdust delivery. The same truck on a delivery after a hosedown. KX 643 is a 1947 or 48 registration.